July 14, 2016

Power to the parts!

Once you know how much power you need to operate your boat’s equipment, it’s time to plot the path of the wiring that will deliver the goods. All right, we’ve got a couple of nice deep-cycle batteries, a good marine grade alternator, an external, field adjustable or, better yet, an automatic multistage regulator and a […]

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July 3, 2016

Let’s party

MY ARM WAS ACHING, my back was getting sore, and the stubborn 50-pound bluefin tuna I had been fighting for over 20 minutes was still digging and pinwheeling. When the long-handled gaff reached out and struck home, I was as relieved as I was pleased to have finally achieved one of my longtime goals: I […]

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June 21, 2016

High-tech hydraulics goes fishing

In British Columbia, the commercial fishing industry has changed dramatically. Fishing areas that were traditional high producers have been put on tonnage quotas. These quotas vary in different areas and allow only relatively small catches. While the fishing vessels that made up the trawler fleet in the past literally had energy to burn, today’s conditions […]

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June 15, 2016

A shrimper with style

Not many fishing boats can double as a research vessel right out of the box. The Patsy K is one that can and does. The first thing you notice about the steel and aluminum 62-footer is that her outriggers can be folded back and down to allow access under low bridges and power lines. Then […]

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