January 15, 2017

Explore Cai Rang floating market in Vietnam

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is a very large and very long river that spans across Vietnam and runs towards the South China Sea. You will find that this long river is home to about 1k species and is one of the cleanin by selling them in sampans or motorized boats. Buyers transfer from one boat to another to deal with sellers to get the best price for their money. There are about 3 of the biggest floating markets in Mekong Delta but today we are just going to discuss Cai Rang Floating market.

Cai Rang Floating Market

This floating market is found together with Phung Hiep and Cai be in Can Tho City which is considered as one of the biggest floating market in Mekong Delta. There are many boats or sampans of different sizes of the stalls and shops here. Cai Rang floating market opens very early from sunrise at around 5 am and closes at nine in the morning. Their main items sold there are farm products like meats, eggs, crops, vegetables and fruits. You will find that each and every boat has a long bamboo pole where sellers place their samples. Since they are opening very early, you need to ride the boat to catch it or else you will miss it. The floating market is about 6 km away from Can Tho.

When you finally reach your destination, be ready to be amazed on what lies ahead. You will see hundreds of boats that sells huge variety of goods. You will find lots of foodstuffs here and rarely anything for souvenirs but you can get a lot for the bargain of a price here than elsewhere. Your guide will be able to help out with some information about this floating market. It is actually not hard to find what you want to buy here, simply look at the poles of each boat and look for the sample of what you want like mandarin oranges or jackfruits etc.

You will find large boats and find that the Cai Rang Floating market as a maze of boats selling lots of fruits like pineapples, papayas, bananas, oranges, mangoes and you can also see some people selling cigarettes, gasoline, beer, wine, soft drinks, noodles and many more.

Every boat is packed with lots of seasonal fruits, crops, vegetables and many more. If you look closely, the buzzling activities and the interactions taking place in this floating market is one way to interact and get to know Vietnam. You can talk to locals and receive warm smile and genuine hospitality making you feel much like home.

Your guide may lead you to a local orchard where you can find huge varieties of local fruits and then later on you can get to see some sights of the Mekong canals.

For tourists, you may visit Cai Rang floating market by joining a tour of the Mekong Delta. Lots of travel agencies can arrange it for you. May it be a long tour or just a one day tour. Visiting Cai Rang is one way to get the feel of Vietnam.

On the way to Can tho, tourists can visit local orchards, coconut candy factories, and bee farms in Ben tre or go to My tho.

Since Cai Rang floating market is opening at sunrise and it takes about 30 minutes boat ride from Can Tho, you need to book early. You can arrange it yourself with the help of your hotel in Can tho for option or drop by to any travel agencies. But if you want to book your own boat ride to save money, you need to go to Hai ba Trung in Can Tho water front and negotiate with boat operators to give you ride, guide or just a tour.

You will be surprised on how highly recommended it is to visit Cai Rang Floating market and it is deemed to be a must place to visit when in southern Vietnam.

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