April 4, 2017

What affects speed of a motorcycle (helmet, motor, road)?

As an avid biker, one of the most important qualities I like with riding a motorcycle is speed. Speeding is one of the greatest freedom a rider can feel when he is with his ride. There are many motorcycles manufactured all around the world and it is up to you to pick which one will suit you best. But despite the different kinds, types or models of motorcycles speed should always be part of it. Now here, I will be discussing to you what are the factors that affects speed of a motorcycle and how you can make your ride faster and smoother.

Having a good speed is one of the primary qualities a motorbike should possess. Each bier must be properly trained on the importance of the different aspects of motorbike speed. These are just a few of the basic things or variables that will help you maintain safe biking speed.

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Size of the engine
Motorcycle type
Driving condition

2 of the basic things to also consider are maneuverability and handling. Each cyclist must be extra careful when driving at top speed cause even a simple application of brakes can cause them to tumble.

How to Classify a Motorcycle

There are many systems that will help describe a motorcycle but the 2 important points to consider are styles of the motorbike and the size of the engine. Among the two, the size of the engine is the most important factor that affects speed. Each size is measured in terms of cubic centimetre or CC for short.
Here are the most common power engine size : (there are much higher too)

150 cc
250 cc
350 cc

Style is another aspect to consider when it comes to speed. There are many styles available like dirt bikes, dual purpose, standard, touring, sports bike and cruiser. The speed don’t really matter when it comes to the style, but when you say that you have a sports bike, that simply mean that it is designed to have a bigger faster engine.

Speed and Driving Conditions

One important that affects speed is the driving condition like traffic and weather. As a biker, I strongly advice to avoid driving fast especially during the first 20 mins of heavy rainfall cause it is too slippery and you cant see much on the road even if you have a full face helmet. Even driving at night is more dangerous cause some people have trouble seeing in the dark and glaring lights from other vehicles might cause problems which will result to either fall or collision.

Now here are some Tweaks on how to make your Motorcycle run Faster:

First thing you can do is to change your exhaust, this will give you an improved throttle and torque as well as power. Aside from that it create a much better sound that will create the illusion that you are at top speed. Second it to adjust your suspension. By doing so, will help you adjust the how your motorbike responds to the weight. Just remember to ask a professional to set it up for you. Next thing you can do is to change your current wheels to a much lighter slimmer wheels. I recommend getting the Marchesini wheels which is lighter and you can easily notice the difference on how much faster your motorbike will run. After changing the wheels, next thing you need is to pick the best light but durable tires.

After that you can then decide to change the disk brakes. I understand that it is much expensive than just changing the brake pads but this will make the motor run faster. I recommend the Galfar disc brake which is lighter and bigger.

Last thing and of course the most expensive one to do if you really want to have more power, and that is to do engine rebuild. You can do that by getting a 1100 cc or a BMW S1000RR and let if produce a 235 bhp. This is really expensive so just go for it if you can afford.

These are just some of the things you should consider when you want to upgrade the speed and what affects the speed of your motorcycle.

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