September 15, 2016

Tips For Choosing A Set Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

Know Your Level

Choosing a set of golf clubs is largely dependent on your degree of play, especially when you spend a lot of time on this hobby.

If  you want to choose the best golf clubs for beginners, you should understand deeply what kinds of golf clubs you need and how many clubs are the best for you. Most of the newbies choose to rent golf clubs. Thereafter, you can still not escape the act of purchase. At this point, two options are available to you.

The least expensive is to buy a half series, available within $100 which are ideal for beginners. The idea is to start a half-series comprising a bag and set of clubs: irons, woods, putter and sand wedge. This material is available between $100 and $150. In a different way, if you have enough budget, you can buy a full set of golf clubs or better set . The material called “professional” allows for increased playing comfort as well as your performance. However, it is more expensive, for prices can up to $500. Professionals prefer them compose their series, for clubs comes closest to their playing style.

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Package

Test golf clubs

The best way to know if a golf club is for you is to test it. To do this, many individual shops and most general have at their disposal highly effective simulators to whether the material is desired. So do not hesitate to go, sometimes a few euros.

If you pay a little afraid, know that will always be more profitable to pay 10 euros to test their equipment, rather than having to buy it back because it does not suit you. It also does not hesitate to take advantage of the open house, also called “demo days.” Often, clubs welcome players to allow them to test a whole range of products. It’s also the perfect opportunity to talk with professionals, which will take you to the clubs that fit you best.

Adjust the club playing style

Let’s go now in the technical part. There are dozens and dozens of variations at the constituent parts of a golf club material.

These are 4 in number: the grip, or where the player puts his hands, the shaft (shaft), the head of the club, and the club face. To play in good conditions, we must carefully choose the grip. Too small handles will promote the emergence of parasite movements, while too large rigidity era the grip. A golf club must be adapted to the morphology of the player. For example, at the shaft, there are two main materials, steel or graphite.

The first, more technical, is rather for players wishing to have optimum control of the ball. In return, it asks a lot back. It is therefore preferred by the big guys and professionals.

The second is for a public less addicted, who wants to play in a more flexible and lighter. At waist level, there is a simple trick to see if the shaft length is suitable for its morphology: the index and ring fingers of the left hand should almost touch the base of the thumb. A great player will, therefore, focus long sleeves, and vice versa for small practitioners. The choice of the club head is equally important, and should not be overlooked.

Depending on the size, you’ll be more or less difficult to hit the ball.

There are 3 sizes: Standard, Mid-size, over-size. The third category is particularly suitable for beginners. The large head surface will allow a ball to hit with a probability of greater success, but provide less precision.


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