September 29, 2016

Ways To Sleep Outside Without A Tent

Tent is a great outdoor sleeping item. But it has some great catches,. It is heavy, hard to carry and it is very fragile too. So, people are now looking for alternate sleeping measures when they go to outing. Some famous methods are roughing, hanging hammock, bivvy, and traps.

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Ways To Sleep Outside Without A Tent

To determine your purpose and select your best choice, I am going to brief you about some alternate ways to sleep outside without tent. You can consider your situation, atmosphere, you capability and pick the best option for you.


Just pick a plane flat place which is not too cold and not directly in a wind breeze. You must have a comforter or warm clothes with you and in cold region must have an air mattress at least. You cannot think of this idea if there is any possibility of rain. It is the simplest and easiest way to sleep whatsoever. You will not have to carry anything extra in your bag. You will not have to bother about setting up something or packing it. The sky will open the theatre in front of you and you alone can enjoy the beauty of nature. This method has some great catches. At night, you will be cold by the air and the land too. The moisture and the dew if takes place, will make you wet. Bugs, insects and mosquito will not leave you alone. You have to carry sleeping bag or a warm comforter in the summer region. If you are roughing in a place where people pass by, it will be a great disturb and violence of privacy.

Hanging A Hammock:

Hanging a hammock in a wild forest is a great deal of adventure. You have to know some items to make it happen. You have to find two trees perfectly equidistant for your hammock, you have to know how to tie a knot and you have to pray for weather without rain. Hammock will save you from the cold ground as you will remain at least 2/3 feet higher than the land. The design is sophisticated and lighter than the tent. It is very easy and light to carry. The most importantly, you can sleep on your own without sharing a tent with other. You have to be expert on sleeping in hammock. You cannot just buy one hammock and sleep on it. You have to carry some warm clothes to in cold region. It is not as safe as tent as you remain exposed. It can damage the trees if it a old one. Some park and natural forest do not allow it.


Bivvy bag an bivvy shelters are another important alternate of tent. Bivvy bag is just a simple water proof bag. Bivvy is shelter is a structure looks like tent but very easy to pitch and pack. It is very light and trustworthy. Very easy to pick and set up. Packing does not take that time. It is very effective in rainy weather. If you can zip everything up properly, it will keep you warm and dry. It is very light and easy to carry in the trekking. Once it is wet, you can repair it. You have to be wet until the rain ends. If you are claustrophobic, it may make it difficult for you. It is a place for sleeping only, you cannot do anything else in here.


Traps are the most popular ways to sleep outside without a tent. It is light, have fancy design, upgraded materials and so on. It is compact and very light weight to carry in the trekking, back packing and any other adventure. You can use the natural elements like a brunch of the old tree to as a pole to set it up. You can also make one if you have a bed sheet and aluminum/plastic cover for the ground. It has some catches. It is not that much waterproof. You have to be expert to set it up, beginner trekkers will find it difficult to set up. The heat conduction is poor. The most important con is, if you want to buy a readymade one, you have to cost a handsome amount for it. Though it is not that much rainproof, it will not preserve heat for you like tent, it will cost a good amount of money.
Well, these are the ways to sleep outside without a tent. If you are a camping lover and adventure enthusiast, you can easily try every one of them. As I said earlier, every method has some pros and cons. You have to be smart to determine which method should be used and when it should b terminated. Have a safe adventure trip. More information find here :


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