October 2, 2016

El Cid In Cancun

Mega Resort Plans To Expand Cancun Inventory

CANCUN — Cancun’s burgeoning hotel inventory will get even larger with a 3,000-room project in Puerto Morelos on the Cancun/Tulum Corridor to be built by El Cid Mega Resort of Mazatlan.

Although the first phase of the project will include a 350-room five-star hotel and marina to open next spring, over a five-year period the entire development is expected to incorporate a hotel complex of up to 3,000 rooms, private homes, condominiums, a yacht marina with docking facilities for 300 yachts, a yacht and beach club, shopping center, botanical garden and Mayan World Museum.

The El Cid Cancun will be the company’s second mega development in Mexico and will distinguish itself in design and concept from Cancun’s existing resorts through a focus on ecotourism, culture and history.

“Cancun itself is saturated,’ said Carlos Berdegue, El Cid’s corporate director. “The corridor area enables us to make something self-integrated and respectful of the ecology.” In keeping with that philosophy, El Cid has opted not to build a golf course as part of the development.


Although the modernization and Americanization of Cancun over the past decade contributed to its tourism success, it also concealed much of the rich, Mayan history that exists on this Mexican island. Hence, El Cid’s determination to preserve the ecological boundaries and foster a learning environment concept in Cancun that will make it unlike any other hotel here.

Historians and archaeologists will be on-property to conduct guided tours to the Mayan sites of Tulum and Chicken-Itza, among others, and to explain the history of the Mayans to guests taking advantage of its Mayan World Museum.


Construction has begun on the site, near Cancun’s International Airport in the small fishing village of Puerto Morelos, where the population numbers a meager 1,000 residents. A portion of El Cid’s investment will go towards improving the tourism services and infrastructure of the village. “The Puerto Morelos project, which will be environmentally friendly and conservation-minded, will create approximately 12,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction and in ongoing operations of the project,” said El Cid president and CEO Julio Berdegue.

El Cid’s first hotel build here will parallel its newest property in Mazatlan, the Marina El Cid, which is made up of hacienda-type suites. Carlos Berdeque said over time, as many as six hotels of various brands could be included in the development, which has beachfront lots earmarked for the properties.

Cancun does not have a marina the size and scope of what El Cid plans. Carlos Berdegue said the new resort will be heavily marketed to anglers, scuba divers, sailers and water enthusiasts in addition to tennis players and families interested in taking experiences home with them.

El Cid Mega Resort is the largest independent tourism development in Mazatlan, featuring four resort hotels, a marina and yacht club, convention center, a sport fishing fleet, aqua sports center, tennis academy, spa and fitness center, the only 27-hole Lee Trevino signature golf course in Mexico and the first John Jacob’s Golf School in Latin America.

El Cid expects to release news in the near future on its Los Cabos development, for which plans are also moving ahead.


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